Saturday, September 12, 2015


The Norfolk system serves many of the connected cities in Virginia's largest metropolitan region. Shame there isn't a connection across the James River to Newport News. The new rail system provides an interchange with the existing Tide Light Rail system at Harbor Park, where there is also a connection to Amtrak's recently added Norfolk service. While the Orange Line does border the edge Norfolk's airport, it's opposite the terminal and wouldn't provide convenient access.


  • Tide Light Rail (Blue, diamonds on the interactive map): 7.3 miles, 11 stations
  • Yellow: 14.5 miles, 10 stations
  • Orange: 29.2 miles, 13 stations
  • Green: 17.5 miles, 7 stations
  • Lime (Crosstown): 16.2 miles, 12 stations

Apologies for the small type in the schematic map -- I was still getting the hang of station spacing.

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