Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Minneapolis - St Paul

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul house the capitol building along with two-thirds of all Minneapolis residents in their metro area. A light rail line has connected Minneapolis with the airport since 2004, and a second linked the two downtowns a decade later. Minneapolis is also linked to its northwestern suburbs by the Northstar Commuter Rail. But for such a large city with fairly thorough existing rail property, more is possible.

South of the Savage / Port Cargill area, there's a right-of-way which is intact, but definitely lacking any hardware. If we're rebuilding anyway, I've decided to make that a feeder Bus Rapid Transit line, connecting Lakeville to a new transit center at Savage.


  • Northstar (Silver): 38.7 miles, 10 stations (including 2 new ones at added Holland and Beltrami Junction)
  • Pink: 23 miles, 14 stations
  • Red: 42.7 miles, 13 stations
  • Cyan: 52.6 miles, 23 stations
  • Yellow
    • Albertville - Hastings (peak periods only):  60 miles, 26 stations
    • Plymouth - St Paul: 25 miles, 15 stations
    • Brownwood - St Paul: 19 miles, 15 stations
  • Purple: 
    • Long Lake - White Bear Lake: 34.5 miles, 13 stations
    • Savage Junction - White Bear Lake: 37.3 miles, 15 stations
  • Orange:
    • Hamel - Shackopee: 55 miles, 24 stations
    • Hamel - Ford: 44 miles, 18 stations
  • Savage BRT: 11.4 miles, 11 stations
The existing Metro light rail is shown as the unnamed stations with thin green and blue lines.

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