Thursday, December 17, 2015


Buffalo was at one point a colossal American city, making the top ten by population in the country for two decades a century ago. But since then it has declined: both in a relative sense to to 45th place, and in an absolute sense losing over half its city population since 1950 and falling as a metro region since too since 1970. The rapid transit system also disintegrated, with rail routes disappearing from the '30s to 1950, though a single light rail system made its debut in the '80s.

This transit map focuses many of the routes along the river/lake to connect with the light rail line downtown at Exchange St. I've also added a new light rail station at Parkside to intersect the new Green Line. The system provides connections to Amtrak at three stations, and gets close enough for a workable transfer to both of the region's airports.


  • Purple: 39.2 miles, 23 stations
  • Orange: 18.5 miles, 16 stations
  • Green: 28.9 miles, 18 stations
  • Cyan: 20.9 miles, 17 stations
  • Light Rail (Navy): 6.33 miles, 14 stations

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