Wednesday, January 6, 2016

St Louis

St Louis is not the capital of Missouri, but as a metro area is home to half the state's population. Its two existing light rail lines serve both its airport and its downtown Amtrak station (which has been experiencing substantial growth in ridership in recent years). The new rail lines serve this central station, as well as the westerly Kirkwood. Both the light rail and the new lines cross the Mississippi river into Illinois.


  • Cyan: 50.4 miles, 22 stations
  • Violet: 23.9 miles, 12 stations
  • Green: 45.0 miles, 15 stations
  • Pink: 43.8 miles, 20 stations
  • Yellow: 39.6 miles, 19 stations
  • Orange: 51.9 miles, 22 stations 
  • Red MetroLink: 37.7 miles,  28 stations
  • Blue MetroLink: 22.7 miles, 24 stations

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